Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Tomorrow" written for Poem in your Pocket Day

Copyright Susan Cross

Frustration fills my mind. My body overflows with hurt. I ask myself, is the world coming to an end?
Dressed in tank top, shorts and flip flops I walk 11 blocks east to the beach.
Sitting facing the water I wait for the waves to stop flowing. They keep slowly gurgling toward the sand.
If the world were coming to an end, the ocean would become still.
I sit for awhile listening to the water lapping towards me and then receding revealing seashells of different colors and shapes.
Eventually, I look at the blue sky, pull myself up and walk 11 blocks back home.
Tomorrow will follow today and hopefully extinguish these feelings replacing them with hope and joy.


shannon said...

Our moods, fears and thoughts do movelike this, don't they...ebbing and flowing like the tide. May tomorrow bring hope and blue skies!

Susan Cross said...

Thanks, Shannon. I'm an optimist. I just need to go to the beach. I'm about an hour's drive away now, no longer 11 blocks. Maybe this weekend.

Once again, thanks for stopping by.