Friday, April 9, 2010

The sound of music

I've made concert-going a priority in my life for awhile; more and more lately. Without having to leave Orlando I have seen Roger Daltry, Eric Clapton and Leon Russell in the past six weeks. I'm looking forward to the first week in May when B.B. King returns to his club here. How can someone in his 80s still sing and play guitar so well? How inspiring. It's time to check the local venues to see who will be coming through after B.B.

Now that spring is here I get to watch baseball and go to outdoor concerts again. This is my favorite part of the year. The only thing that gets in the way is the pollen count. We have a contest going on to see who can sneeze the most times in a row. My husband leads so far with seven.

Ah, but I digress. Back to the music. I had forgotten why I put my business into debt by purchasing a Bose double wave radio. It's been too long since I picked out a handful of CDs and pressed the play button on the remote. My goal is to make enough money writing this year to get my business in the black. I'm right on track.

Excuse me, please, I have to get up and dance right now.

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... Paige said...

music is important; so is quite sometimes - like when one is sleeping :0