Friday, August 20, 2010

Hunting, Nesting and Gathering -- #Fridayflash

Their lovemaking was like a choreographed dance, pillows moving to cushion and elevate body parts for maximum pleasure. When they were spent, she nested as he prepared to leave. He left her there surrounded by pillows of varying thicknesses and density, one beneath her head, one behind her as she lay on her side, one between her knees and the last one up against her abdomen which she hugged closely.

He was gone about an hour while she dozed in and out of consciousness. Her peaceful face held the smile of satisfaction and anticipation. She heard the door open then close and she smiled, moving the pillows so that several were behind her back supporting her as she pulled herself up to a sitting position.

Sounds emanated from the kitchen. He entered the bedroom with a bakery box and two forks. She opened the box folding the top backwards to display the delectable reward.

“Ummm, my favorite,” she cooed. “Key lime cheesecake.”

“You see, I remembered,” he said. “I had to go to three different bakeries to find the one with key lime. Apparently white chocolate strawberry cheesecake is more popular right now but I want to get used to your cravings. We’ll be dealing with this for another seven and a half months. Have you started thinking about names yet?”

Nothing had changed in a thousand years. He was the hunter, she was the nester and soon would be gathering things for the nursery.


Bukowski's Basement said...

Ah... such is life, huh, Susan? Really nice write.

Mari said...

Nice! I'd like to take a look at these cushions of hers, heh, reminds me of the Chinese. ;)

Jai Joshi said...

Oh, that is so lovely! I adore the pic of the cheesecake too.


shannon said...

Awe, this brought back so many memories. I had a great hubby like that, too that went out hunting and gathering whatever I was craving. What a lovely piece!

Susan Cross said...

Thanks, all. I sure wish I had a slice of that key lime cheesecake right now! Another rainy, grey day, but that would sure brighten it up.

Rebecca Emin said...

Oh that is lovely! That cheesecake looks lovely too! I'd love to read more about how they are doing in a year's time!