Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quotes you found notable - challenge

I've shared some quotes taken from novels that are sentences or passages that can stand alone, out of context and still have some profound (maybe that's too strong a word) meaning.

I'd love to see some of yours.

When you're reading a book:

  • Do you read simply for content?

  • For the author's style?

  • For character development?

  • For plot development?

  • Or do you just read to escape and enjoy a solitary, sometimes guilty pleasure. I call reading a guilty pleasure when my sink is full of dishes, the hamper is full of dirty clothes, the floor needs to be scrubbed or my desk needs to be cleaned. Sometimes, all of the above!

Please share some quotes, including authors and book titles. Also, let me know what specifics you enjoy most from the list above, or add your own, when you're reading a book.

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